Astral Africa in Cape Town with Miriam Mekeba Mama Africa

  1. The Astral Africa adventure continues this month with a cross continental culturalproject ” Miriam mekeba Mama Africa The musical”

Miriam makeba Mama Africa Cape Town

Miriam makeba Mama Africa Cape Town

Teju Kareem @zmiriage #lagos #nigeria has #daretodream once again & so I’m here with @astralafrica with Teju at with the opening of @mamaafricatm1 at @artsscapetheatre

Mama Africa cast

Mama Africa cast Artscape 

The show documents the life of #miriammakeba , her music,life & her struggle against apatite.
It’s heartening to be here in #southafrica with a such truly diverse cast performing together, this was an absolute impossibility when I started my career in #theatre in the #london #westend something we fought hard in the eighties to achieve in #londontheatreland.

Miriam mekeba mama Africa the musical I
This production represents for me absolutely what the campaign against apatite in #thelondonwestend #theatre during the eighties & nineties was about, -the boycotts, the 24hr vigil at the #southafricanembassy, the benefit concerts all contributed.
my sense of awe at the power of the performance of these young people’s performance humbles me. #unity #onelove #freedom

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