More projects for dare to dream in 2016?

more catch up from summer 2015

The first to dare to dream was Teju Kareem @zmirage in Lagos Nigeria- he took me on a huge adventure. He decided to produce wole Soyinka’s play Dance of the Forrest to celebrate the Nobel prize winning poet & play write’s 80th birthday.
No usual production this one Kareem dug out a 1000 seat amphi theatre In the bush behind the home of the poet.
I took a number of projectors & a catalyst system to the bush & mapped the scenery & a 4Oft LED screen high on the mountain.
Only a few  pictures of the production period have survived, since during the build I managed to contract malaria & was heavily sedated during the show, not an experience I’d like to repeat.
However, I’m assured the show did go on to wide acclaim.

can’t wait to go back

Liam rich @culteventsteam in Chelmsford dared to ask…

Liam needed free lighting and projection to help build the profile of @flingfest.

Stage for dub pistols

Fling festival main stage

We were able to take him lights & projectors. As part of the project we instigated #flingproject where we took a group of students from Chelmsford college, & over the course of three days they learnt to rig & program intelligent lighting.

imageThe culmination of the event was the participants operating & running the main stage right up to & including the headline act The Dub Pistols.



Noah Priddle @TheMondoMix project dared to ask…

Noah, Gerry & family run a great #truebijou world music festival on the Isle of White. Noah & team needed staging, power, distro, lighting & generator support for their event.

Stage lighting rental

Stage lighting hire festivals

With the help of  the #flingproject  Participants we were able to make the event happen within a limited budget.

Jonny buffalo dared to ask for Colchester free festival……

Johnny needed projectors to map Colchester castle & lights to make is creation Tankton realy special  at night

Colchester castle

Colchester free festival

Festival lighting

Jonny Buffaloes Tankton at Colchester castle.

we were able to bring it all to him & make Tankton shine out at the event.

billy summer down in Devon @lovesummer dared to ask……..

Billy has a great secluded site where he runs a realy chilled out boutique festival. Billy ad seen some projection we did at Hamswell festival as on of out first #daretodream outings.

Video mapping festival

Projection on trees

Well it would’ve been rude not to go & help out. Billy’s show is going from strength to strength & is looking to get bigger & better year on year.

.standon, kendal, forgotten fields, mischeif & even boomtown teetered on the edge.. Summer is nearly over pixies.

Dare to dream
Dare to ask.

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