2016 creative & suporting role for Astral

Wow! 2015-what a year, finally Astral Design has had a chance to recover after the debacle that was LPG & return to a more creative & supportive role in the industry. Loads if you found the courage to #daretodream, & we’ve managed to inspire a whole new group of young media practitioners on the Way.

So time for an update on some of the wonderful things we all did together in 2015.
The most remarkable of them is the the best place to start off & that was the Halloween at Hylands event at Hylands House just outside Chelmsford produced by Liam Rich
Here, with zero funding, in an attempt is seed a new concept, we mobilised the fling team again, they are students studying media at Chelmsford College
We toiled together in rain to light the frontage of Hylands house , learnt the principals or architectural lighting,our work benefitting on the night by remarkable fog.

Lighting by Dom Gunn #daretodream

architectural lighting at hypands house Chelmsford Essex

Simultaneously we installed the interior of the house with lighting & soundscapes & when the chance came to do some unusual projection I couldn’t help myself but to drive back & pick up some high spec projectors from Astral Design – well when in Essex the only way is to spook them!

They worked relentlessly with project designer & artist Jo Peacock to realise the design concept of a huge immersive promenade throughout the house with a cast of over 100.- & if that wasn’t enough, we capped it off with full production with a horror filled Halloween ball complete with best costume catwalk fashion show as a spectacular finale.

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