Astral parts with Shangri-la Glastonbury.

After 15 years of tireless support & investment  at #shangri-la & lost vagueness #glastonburyfestival we are informed that our services are no longer required. Clearly we are all very disappointed with the apparent lack of appreciation especially after continuing support after huge personal losses at LPG & taking the event to a nomination for a #KOIawards

However I’m really exited about being free to peruse other possibilities & support new #creative & #artistic venture during the #festival or indeed elsewhere during that week- a privilege I’ve not had due to my loyalty to the event over the last 15 years. 
It’s that time of year again-  my corporate & foreign jaunts have served me well & I’m now once again able to look at getting involved in daring & #creativeprojects at #festivals & events again.
I’m particularly interested in those that are forward thinking & daring in the extreme & that just want to do something outstanding just for the sake of it.
For the right projects I’m happy to come fully kitted out with vehicles, projectors lighting & stages, & for those of you who just need a bit of help to get off the ground with an #event has some cracking options at affordable cost  – it’s here to help. 
You can see my work here 
Go ahead … Dare to dream… Dare to ask. 
Light art -bright art -because we can
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