Shangri-La just a really cool place to be & experience & inhabit -because we can


Shangri-La is back with a vengeance for 2014 & I, for one, am delighted to be back.

The emphasis this year is on ART & there are some outstanding pieces to be commissioned & lit. This will create a huge art gallery open to the public, day & night though out the festival.

You’ll be able to come to the coolest after hours space at the greatest arts festival in the world & be surrounded by  accessible works by respected artists 24/7 – thats exiting. – right in the middle of Glastonbury festival.

not enough?…… not enough for me… …

Team Astral will create a huge kinetic #lightart sculpture that will inhabit the space, above, about & beyond the other artworks. It will envelope all the artwork in a #fieldoflight.

No interactive, immersive,experiential artspeak,

just a really cool place to be, experience, & inhabit  -because we can

I cant wait to hit Worthy Farm later this month & make this one real.

heres some of the #lightart & #litart from shangri-la & other events we’ve realised in the past 

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