Finally some news on London Pleasure Gardens

so after a year badgering for a year and endless FOI requests to Newham Borough Council the powers that be….Its not really clear who ‘they’ may beat this stage have decided to give me a chunk of my kit back.  So although London pleasure gardens was almost a year ago, common sense has at lats prevailed.

It goes without saying that some of what has survived the theft epidemic it is returned without prejudice & it is not in seen as full and final settlement. I cant really say much more at this stage, since tit would be foolish to put all my cards on the table before everything is settled.

 If you are interested in LPG & the truth the keep an eye on this blog — it will be sporadic & I will be very guarded until l I have secured my position a bit more, however in the, lets hope not so distant future, I will contain some of the home truths I have uncovered in my adventures in post LPG survival….watch this space.

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