What a `Cracking Start To Shangri-La

No, the title is not a reference to Stevie’s foot! :)
Flat out at the warehouse today with Prep finally underway, the team is coming to the surface after a post curve sabbatical. ( OK, so i had to flush some of them out, but but then they had burrowed a bit deep)
Some keen players have chosen to sit this one out citing political reasons,- POLITICS in the hallowed fields – surely not! -no place for politics there me thinks.
– no, got that one wrong,
 No place for politics on Team Astral.
 We’re still holding a place for the non-believer, we can only hope  he will forfeit his hotel ( do we bring back Jamie’s tune of the day?)   & he’ll show his unshaven corporate head during the week. – you know who you are! 
( did you see the double irony in the opening frames of the vid?- look familiar? does that cancel out the irony in hotel? does that make it dead pan?
For the friends & family of the Shangri-team, the Boy is only doing a massive bash in Geneva right now for your Friends & mine at Deliottes.
 oh & here comes the dead pan irony;
 I m only meeting our Friends SJ & Peter on Thursday to identify ‘items in question’ as it were, (I think I can say that) so ill probably spend Friday rounding up the horses while Kev bolts the Stable door. 
I think this shangri-la blog can afford a few asides on that adventure. Not the first time we’ve suffered from appalling timing.
 For those of you not in the Shangri- family, my asides & comments may seem a little oblique & a little too cliquey, bear with me, I cant reveal all for reasons that are at the moment, out of my control. names & places are disguised to protect the Innocent – & the some of the, perhaps,  (not that i know) not so Innocent.

 Stick with it, do a bit of research & you can draw you own conclusions as to what I’m on about.- plenty of conclusions to draw & it’ll make it all the more colourful for all of us. lets face it Glastonbury festival is all about fun- there”ll be less boring stuff soon.
Personally I think the unbelievers are too well paid & looked after these days. – fortunately for myself & a lot of the  A team I’m particularly lean & hungry this year, & as such,we are still in good force for the ensuing ordeal. 
In other news; reports from the field reveal that catering is spot on this year-
 that has got to be a bonus!
 likewise everyone tells me the British weather is going to play on our team this year for a change. Lucky I didn’t invest in s sideline of wellies & umbrellas this year – have i got time to order in sunglasses for China before the off?
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