Work Starts On Shangri-La

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We thought it would never come round again at Astral Acres, but all the same I find myself at the final gig before the onslaught of booking, finalizing & reviewing crewing  for undoubtably the most epic show of the year
I managed to drop by at the caravan storage last night for a quick once over for the Munsterland (Caravan to you – trailer to some). soon to be home.
 At the same time dropping off the energy drinks donated by a recent event sponsor to the younger members of my crew- the older guys will be relying in Greek coffee no doubt.
 So, a massive project ahead of us in the hallowed fields of Avalon. I can only wonder what we have in store this year, we can only hope for an improvement on this.

Truthfully, its already on the go down there, the guys have been at it for a few weeks, tomorrow is my chance to leave the corporate merry-go-round & stop shaving for a few weeks. & join in the unbridled fun.
This year there is no mapping Hell stage arena is a major challenge for us, we do not aim to disappoint on any level some we’ll be pulling the stops out on a creative level there, but we do have to follow this thanks to Bruce.

 Andy Cross is doing a stunning job both on the Hell arena, & on his designs for the heaven stage & the build is well underway, more specifics after I run over to site on Wednesday.
 I can’t wait to get my hands on his work having collaborated with him on a project at the curve last year more details on out plans for  this later………
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