Video mapped stage structures in 24 hrs next.

What a great show @eventprodshow this week. It’s a year since the launch of video mapped stage sets. Thanks to the Olympics,the jubilee & the mainstream press everyone in the UK knows what we are talking about now & the response was even more phenomenal than last year.
Now everyone can see how we can bring it to the market a such an attractive price it’s time to up the stakes & take our concept in live mapping  a step further.
During the show we did the final R&D for “mapping structures in a few hours”,  with no model & no render time.
The show gave us an opportunity to try it out & this is the result. Now we’ll transfer what we learned last year developing video mapped stage sets and apply the system to structures with depth.
Oh -it will still be tollerant of miss-built sets, missing flying points & all manner or real life gaff ups

Big promise?
Watch this space.

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