Astral Back On Track With Avolites AI & Catalyst Media Servers

With the arrival of an @Avolitesmedia AI server it time for us to get out heads down & indulge in some light therapy in the form of video mapping.The plan is to pick up where we left off & gain as much efficiency with the help of @avolitesltd as we did with the catalyst media server last spring. The first task is to map a stage set ready for the Event production Show Later this February.
 Then we going to try & the building mapping we promised last year before we embarked on the London Pleasure Gardens distraction- & if that isn’t enough to keep us occupied then we hope to video map second set for the stand with a Catalyst Media Server. Once we’ve launched the lot at the Event Production Show, we’ll be concentrating  on promoting ‘guerrilla projection for under  1K’ &’ building mapping in 24rs’ prior to transferring to Confex.

astral design

AM-PM astral media

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