And they are off!

Projection mapping a building in 24 hrs. work has started about lunch time, a modicum if content has been created from scratch & mapped to a basic structure in about 1hr, the signs are good, we have windows chasing, & spinning etc I was keen to look at some basic animation techniques & see if we can create an interactive video mapped building. This
Phone grab is the first try & was done in 20mins! Basic & yes, the top half is not there- but that’s the point- to make it accessible we need to avoid expensive media systems & specialists- check on wednesday for the compleat product there’s a lot of potential here- we managed to produce fairly convincing content in 20mins with no wireframe & no after effects
We are going to have another bash on Wednesday, this time a full day – the target will be a recognisable mapping with some branding & more custom animation work on the building.
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