Glastonbury content in the bag

Tim has come up with some great content for Shangri-La at Glastonbury. As well as the video mapped wall that Bruce is doing we will have Several other video installations. first off is an interactive piece using a kinect camera where the subject recreated on screen & then attacked by alien viruses which he has to fight off.
then we are hoping to introduce some infestations on buildings outside the hub area, possibly the Decon chambers and the hotel, these are a custom program of ever changing bugs swarming over the surfaces. on top of that Tim has made us a library of virus bugs that we will be tracking over the bridge and food concession area.
the whole caboodle will be driven by up to 4 catalyst media servers, an uses number of area heads and orbital head systems. we are also hoping that Ian at Robe will be loaning some digispots to the project too. needless to say control is from Avolites who are providing 2 Titan expert touch consoles to supplement the one we have and the Titan mobile we’ve just bought.

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