So, a lot of you know I have been flirting with projection after a long absence.
This was the result of a low budget challenge to cover a building with content using stock kit. I was looking for somewhere to stretch my wings as it were and try out a few ideas, Fortunately Liam rich at Chelmsford BC gave me an opportunity. Shire Hall is the only building worth looking at in Chelmsford with any character & it is located at the very top of the high St.
 The event was Jibber jabber in Chelmsford, a storytelling festival & amongst other things we projected some animations specially made for the event. We used a catalyst media server and 4 Sanyo xp100l projectors controlled from an avolites pearl expert. We knew from the onset we were on the much on the cusp of what was possible so the entire escapade was truly a projection adventure.
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