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today was a revelation, I am a huge fan of gefen products for video, however during today’s final configuration of the system I a find myself mortally disappointed with the performance of the hdmi extremes I have been holding back for this project.
Although I am changing from hdmi to dvi and back I don’t expect that to be an issue. it is-the signal is intermittent and unreliable. the gefen hdmi fibre optic route, on the other hand is a Success & I will use that for 2 of the outputs for jibber jabber
in the meantime I’ve ordered 2 Lindy dvi cat 5 senders to road test at Chelmsford if this works ill get some more.
I was astonished to realise I am working at a higher resolution than most kit supports at 2048 pixels wide, that’s because my history is in lighting & the last time I was using projection seriously it was film & as I said then (15-20years ago) film is infinite, digital is not, seams that still stands.
I had figured I was behind the pack on that & was surprised to find my projectors don’t go that high either this means that the overall definition needs to be reduced to suit, which is disappointing as i want to run the system to see its limits although I am sure it will not be an issue
It is reassuring that the system I’ve built is high enough resolution for the most advanced of projectors and I am confident that should it all go pear shaped at glastonbury this year I can cover it.
eventually after next weekend see the finished project here.


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