Video mapping on a shoestring?

Ok,so I’m involved in events & I’ve commissioned a bit of video mapping.
I was wondering if you can do a good job of it on a shoestring. I’m pretty well versed in lighting & know a bit about projection, but I don’t really make content, the most expensive part. 
About a 2 years ago I started experimenting with servers. I had wanted to do it 20 years ago but I didn’t have the resources – servers cost more than a house at the time so the idea was literally shelved on the mezzanine floor above my studio along with some original 60,s light shows (maybe more about this later) 
I’ve been putting together relevant equipment now for about 12 months & I’m ready to give it a go. 
All I need is a venue -as luck would have it Liam Rich at Chelmsford has one & is up for it too. Oh & he has a tiny budget- perfect for this adventure in mapping. 

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